Calecim® Multi-Action Cream

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Calecim® Multi-Action Cream



Calecim® Multi-Action Cream


Multi-Action Cream can effectively improve skin fullness and correct skin laxity by assisting the activation of proteins responsible for hydrating and firming. One bottle contains 50% CALECIM® Rejuvenating Conditioned Media - a powerful source of youth-activating proteins and growth factors with fast-acting, anti-aging benefits for your skin. Multi-Action Cream aids in rebuilding the skin's structural layers, while continually renewing the epidermal surface. 

  • Enhances skin density 
  • Visibly works to define and correct facial definition 
  • Smooths appearance of deep wrinkles, tightens jawline, improves nasolabial creases, and lifts nasolabial folds, eyelids, and brows 
  • Enhances aesthetic results of in-clinic procedures when used as a pre-and-post procedure adjunct



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