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Prof. Jia Honglu
Prof. Jia Honglu
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Prof. Jia specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine areas of Acupressure, Acupuncture, Pain Management, Stroke Management, Respiratory Disorder, Musculoskeletal & Neurological Disorders, Cancer Treatment, etc.

Prof. Jia started learning Traditional Chinese Medicine at a young age with the help of his father, who was also a Physician. Having graduated from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1988, Physician Jia became an Associate Professor at the Shanxi Medical University for the next fourteen years. From 1996 to 1998, Physician Jia was part of the team invited by the Chinese Government as part of the medical expert team hosted in the Republic of Cameroon.

In 2002, Prof. Jia decided to pursue a new challenge in Singapore where he embarked on a new career till today. Physician Jia's interest in both Pain and Stroke Management led him to become the senior consultant within the Department of Pain and Stroke and Cancer treatment in HSI Chinese Medicine (Formerly Life!Clinic).

Prof. Jia was invited by MediaCorp and Channel News Asia for programs relating to TCM practices and medications. Physician Jia too has also been accredited by the Ministry of Health, Singapore as a registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist.



  • B.Sc. Medicine, Beijing University of TCM
  • Registered Acupuncturist & TCM Physician with Singapore's Ministry of Health


Professional Affiliations

  • Medical Adviser with Singa Care Medical
  • Senior Consultant, Pain & Stroke Management, HSI Chinese Medicine
  • Associate Professor, Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University

Chinese, English